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Is it?

We give you direct access to 1,880+ bearing and PT distributors using BearingNet - the world’s largest trading platform for distributors. As a member of our network, you directly access your target audience for advertising, promotion and networking!


Does it work?

Choose the package to meet your budget and objectives, we will do the rest! There are many features, packages and benefits to show you, so contact us for a quick demo and everything will be much clearer!


Use it?

A fast way to promote your products, increase sales and network with new distributors worldwide. It will make your existing distributor network work more efficiently to sell your brand. We are so confident the Manufacturer’s platform works, we will give your money back after the first year if you haven’t seen any results*.


Is it for?

Manufacturers who already sell their products via Bearing and PT distributors or would like to begin doing so. If you have the products, we have the distributors!


Can I use it?

24/7- keep your data and messages current at all times throughout your annual membership. Whether this be online advertising, inventory listing, social media updates etc. Additional promotional and networking opportunities are also available throughout the year.


Is it used?

By using different types of communications, social media, face to face networking, print and online advertising, the Manufacturer’s Platform will engage your target audience and ensure you receive the best brand exposure possible.

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Who are we?

We’re NOT just about bearings! BearingNet is a platform for bearing AND PT distributors with over 1,880 members from 80+ countries, who use it to trade and network. BearingNet is proud to be an associate member of the EPTDA and PTDA for over 10 years. We also work with IADA and IDC-USA, for the benefit of its distributors.

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